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AutoCAD to PDF Converter


AutoCAD to PDF Converter

  • Convert DWG to PDF.
  • Convert DXF to PDF.
  • No need for CAD software.

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Version 2.2

VeryPDF AutoCAD to PDF Converter Command Line is a command line gift freely obtained along with installation of GUI version for users of VeryPDF AutoCAD to PDF Converter.

VeryPDF AutoCAD to PDF Converter Command Line could help you instantly and easily realize conversions from AutoCAD to PDF – DWG to PDF and DXF to PDF via command line and parameters.

The following parts are about how to fulfill conversions from AutoCAD to PDF with command line:

1. Download
2. Usage and Template  
3. Parameters


After you install trial version of VeryPDF AutoCAD to PDF Converter, open installation folder in your computer, executive file dwg2pdf.exe can be called later for command line conversion.

Usage and Template

  • Usage
  • dwg2pdf.exe [options] <-i AutoCAD Files> [-o Output PDF Files]


    dwg2pdf.exe          : call executive file “dwg2pdf.exe” to run                        software

    [options]            : set PDF options via parameters

    <-i AutoCAD Files>   : specify AutoCAD file

    [-o Output PDF Files]: specify PDF file

  • Template
  • dwg2pdf.exe –i \input.dwg -o output.pdf

    The command line template above can help you convert input.dwg to output.pdf in command prompt window. Likely, DXF file can be converted to PDF, too.

    To convert DWG to PDF or DXF to PDF with specific attributes, please read following parameters.


Here are parameters used to set PDF attributes during converting AutoCAD to PDF through command line:

-i <AutoCAD Files>       : specify input AutoCAD filename

-o <PDF Files>           : specify output PDF filename

-j <Subject>             : subject

-t <Title>               : title

-a <Author>              : author

-k <Keywords>            : keywords

-p <Output Flag>         : a flag for PDF output

            -p 0         : overwrite if PDF file exists

            -p 1         : insert before first page if PDF file                            exists

            -p 2         : append to last page if PDF file exists

            -p 3         : rename filename if PDF file exists

-w <Page Width>          : specify page width, unit is point

-h <Page Height>         : specify page height, unit is point

-b <Color type>          : specify color type for output file

            -b 1         : output black and white PDF file

            -b 2         : output gray PDF file

            -b 3         : output 256 colors PDF file

-r <resolution>          : set resolution in generated file

-d <folder for SHX fonts>: set a folder for search SHX fonts

-V                       : view the generated PDF file                            automatically

-?                       : Help

For any concerns about how to use VeryPDF AutoCAD to PDF Converter to convert DWG to PDF or DXF to PDF flexibly, please contact us immediately.

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