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VeryPDF Image to PDF OCR Converter Command Line


Image to PDF OCR Converter Command Line

  • Support convert image to PDF with OCR.
  • Support several kinds of compression methods.
  • Save money and time.
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Version 5.0

When converting image to PDF document with VeryPDF Image to PDF OCR Converter Command Line to convert image to PDF, you can choose some kinds of compression method to compress image in the conversion process in order to reduce the file size, storage space, transition speed and also for fast web view.

The application VeryPDF Image to PDF OCR Converter Command Line v5.0 supplies JBIG2 compress method for monochrome image. If you don't know what JBIG2 method is, please see the following contents:

What is JBIG2?

JBIG2 was first published as an international standard in 2000. It is a kind of new compression method. It was a modern option for both lossless and lossy image compression. JBIG2 compression reduces files to as small as one fifth of the size of pictures saved under traditional formats. When black and white images are compressed with the JBIG2 algorithm, compression ratios can be 100:1 when compared to traditional TIFF image format.

Compress monochrome image with JBIG2 when converting image to PDF

Please download VeryPDF Image to PDF OCR Converter Command Line to your computer and then unzip it to some location. The usage of the command line application:

img2pdf [options] <Image-file> [<PDF-file>]

If you don't use JBIG2 compression method to compress image, you can take the following command line example to convert monochrome image to PDF:

img2pdf C:\input.tiff C:\output.pdf

The snapshot in Figure 1 is the created PDF document without any compression method and the one in Figure 2 is the properties of this PDF document.

created PDF without compression method
Fig 1
properties of created PDF
Fig 2

On the contrary, if you use JBIG2 arithmetic to compress the monochrome image, the created PDF will be highly compressed. You can use the following command line:

img2pdf –bwimg 2 C:\input.tiff C:\output.pdf

In the command line, the option –bwimg<int> is to set compression method for black and white image and the value 2 is for using JBIG2 arithmetic. The snapshot in Figure 3 is the properties of created PDF compressed by JBIG2 method.

properties of created PDF compressed by JBIG2 arithmetic
Fig 3

So you can see the file size has been changes from the original 1.22MB to 68.15KB which is suitable for storage, transmission, downloading or fast web view.

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