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PCL to PNG Shell for Linux

The application PCL to PNG Shell for Linux is a tool designed for converting printed documents such as PCL, PXL, SPL or PRN to some kinds of image formats such as JPG, TIFF, PNG, PCX, etc. PCL to PNG Shell for Linux is a Linux system oriented application and if you want to convert PCL to PNG on Linux system, you can choose it as your helper.

For free trying PCL to PNG Shell for Linux, you can download the trial version via clicking here. After downloading, please extract the ZIP file to the disk of your computer. Then the executable file pcl2image of the application PCL to PNG Shell for Linux is runnable at once.

This application is mainly developed for server and software developer. If you want to run the application on a server, you need to use the server license; if you want to redistribute the application to your own developed software, please use the developer license. For purchasing these two licenses, please click here.

Before running the application, you have to open the term for inputting the commands into it on your Linux system. The commands are made up with three parts: called program which is the executable file of PCL to PNG Shell for Linux, source file which is the PCL document to be converted and the target file which is the PNG image you want to get.

A simple sample of the commands for converting PCL to PNG is like this,

./pcl2image –i 1.pcl –o 2.png

In the commands, "pcl2image" is the executable file of the application, option "-i" with argument "1.pcl" is for specifying the source PCL file, and option "-o" with "2.png" is for specifying the output PNG image.

For better understanding the sample above, please see the specific example below:

./pcl2image –i ./PCL/qwe.pcl –o ./test/qwe.png –b 24 –gw 300 –gh 500

In the commands,

./pcl2image is the path of called program—pcl2image.
–i ./PCL/qwe.pcl is the path of source file.
–o ./test/qwe.png is the path of target file.
–b 24 is for setting color depth for the target file as 24-bit.
–gw 300 is to set PNG width as 300 Pixel.
–gh 500 is to set PNG height as 500 Pixel.

For running the conversion from PCL to PNG, you need to hit "Enter" button on the keyboard. Several seconds later, you will be able to find the target file in the location you have specified.

Features of PCL to PNG Shell for Linux

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