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PDF Size Reducer for Mac OS

PDF Size Reducer for Mac OS is really a useful application which can be used in Mac OS system to reduce PDF size by reducing the image size or font's size of input PDF document. This page is a guide for showing you how to use PDF Size Reducer for Mac OS.

1. Download and install PDF Size Reducer for Mac OS

You need to click here to download the installer of PDF Size Reducer for Mac OS to your Macintosh. Then please double click the installer and follow the installation wizard to fulfill the installation.

2. Add PDF into PDF Size Reducer for Mac OS

When you double click the app icon, you can easily open PDF Size Reducer for Mac OS. For adding PDF file into the file list of the application shown in Figure 1, you need to click Add button for opening file picker window to choose PDF document or directly drag the document you need into the file list. You can also remove the file from file list by clicking Remove or Remove All button.

interface of PDF Size Reducer for Mac OS
Figure 1

3. Add output path for target file.

You can manually input the output path for target file in Output Folder text box or click the button beside to open a new window in which you can choose an existed location or create a new location for target file for saving the target file.

4. Reduce size

Please click Option button to open Option dialog box in which you can reduce the image size or fonts size. Please click Image option and then you can set downsample type, downsample resolution and compress mode for color, gray and monochrome image in Image Tab. Please see it in Figure 2.

reduce image size in image tab
Figure 2

Then please click Fonts option to open Fonts Tab which is shown in Figure 3. You are able to check Embed Fonts, Compress Fonts or Subsets Fonts to reduce the fonts size. Then please click Apply button to continue the work.

reduce fonts size in fonts tab
Figure 3

5. Start to reduce PDF size

At last, you can start to reduce PDF size by clicking Start button in application interface. When the whole procedure is over, you can search for the target file in specified location to see its size and you will find that the size of created PDF is reduced successfully.

Features of PDF Size Reducer for Mac OS

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