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VeryPDF PDF Compressor


PDF Compressor

  • Downsample and compress images of PDF.
  • Compress and subset fonts of PDF.
  • Encrypt PDF and edit PDF description.
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Version 2.0

VeryPDF PDF Compressor is a small tool for compressing PDF to reduce the file size. It is easy to use. This page will present the basic usage of this application.

1. Prepare to compress 2. Compress images in PDF 3. Compress PDF font
4. Protect PDF with password 5. Set PDF description  

Prepare to compress

Download and install the application, and then run it in your Windows. You will see the main interface of VeryPDF PDF Compressor as displayed in Figure 1.

UI of VeryPDF PDF Compressor
Figure 1

You can add your PDF file that need to be compressed by clicking the button Add, or just dragging and dropping them to the File List as shown in Figure 1.

Compress images in PDF

VeryPDF PDF Compressor can compress the size of images in a PDF to reduce the whole size of the PDF. Click Option, and you will see the Option dialog box as displayed in Figure 2. Check the option Image, and the options in the right panel will be enabled.

Compress image
Figure 2

In Image option panel, you can select a downsample type to reconstruct the color images, gray images and monochrome images; set the resolution for the images, and choose a compression mode to compress the images.

Compress PDF font

Some storage space of a PDF is used for the fonts in it. A PDF uses more kinds of fonts, the PDF will be larger. In the Option dialog, check the Fonts and then the options on the right will be enabled as displayed in Figure 3. You can select Embed All Fonts, Compress Fonts or Subset Fonts to reduce the size of font data in the PDF.

Compress Fonts
Figure 3

Protect PDF with password

Select and check the Security option box, the security options enabled in the right panel will be displayed in Figure 4.

Encrypt PDF
Figure 4

User password is to control the opening permission. People who do not know the user password will not open and view the PDF. An owner password can control the permissions of editing, modifying or commenting a PDF. You can check or uncheck the options Allow Printing, Allow Document Assembly, Allow Content Copying and Allow Commenting to control the corresponding permissions.

Set PDF description

You can set PDF descriptions when save the compressed PDF. As displayed in Figure 5, check the option Description, and then you can edit the PDF descriptions including Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, Creator and Producer.

Edit PDF description
Figure 5

After setting all options, click Apply. In the main interface, click Start to compress the PDF files with set options.

You can click Register after buying a license for your VeryPDF PDF Compressor.

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