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PDF Split-Merge


PDF Split-Merge

  • Split one PDF into several ones.
  • Merge multiple PDF to single one.
  • Delete Pages from PDF.

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Version 3.0

In order to use VeryPDF PDF Split-Merge Command Line, Please follow the steps shown below to realize your requirements:

1. Download and install 2. Open MS-DOS interface and check usage 3. Split PDF
4. Merge PDF 5. Delete PDF page 6. Usage and options

Download and install

After downloading VeryPDF PDF Split-Merge Command Line to your computer, please install it. In installation folder, there is an executable file named as pdfpg.exe which is the called program of the command line version.

Open MS-DOS interface and check usage

Please open MS-DOS interface in which you are able to input command line. If you don't know how to use this command line application, you can check its usage by inputting the path of file pdfpg.exe and hit Enter key on the keyboard.

Split PDF

When you need to burst PDF document, VeryPDF Split-Merge Command Line allows you to burst PDF into single pages or split every n pages. It also allows to split PDF according to PDF bookmark. Please take the following command lines as examples:

Burst PDF into single pages:

pdfpg.exe burst C:\A.pdf C:\split

The option burst is used to burst PDF file to single PDF files, one page per PDF file.

Split several pages of PDF into one PDF:

pdfpg.exe split 2 C:\A.pdf C:\split

The option split<int> is to split PDF file by every n pages.

Split PDF by PDF bookmark:

pdfpg.exe bookmark C:\A.pdf C:\split

The option bookmark is to split PDF file by bookmarks and append page number to filenames. In addition, the option bookmark 2 is to split PDF file by bookmarks without page number in filenames.

Merge PDF

You can also merge multiple PDF documents together with VeryPDF PDF Split-Merge Command Line which supports normal merge and crossmerge.

Merge specific pages of PDF to one single PDF:

pdfpg.exe C:\A.pdf,1,3 C:\merged.pdf

Merge multiple PDF as one single PDF:

pdfpg.exe C:\A.pdf,1,1-9 C:\B.pdf,5,2,9 C:\A.pdf,10 C:\merged.pdf

Cross merge two PDF documents to one single file:

pdfpg.exe crossmerge C:\test1.pdf C:\test2.pdf C:\out.pdf

Delete PDF page

This application enables users to delete specific pages of PDF document. Please the following example:

pdfpg.exe delete C:\A.pdf,1,3 C:\out.pdf

If you are interested in this application, you can download or purchase VeryPDF PDF Split-Merge Command Line to experience the functions of it.

Usage and options

arguments    : file1 [file2 ...] destfile

arguments    : burst C:\input.pdf C:\output

arguments    : set KeyName Value


 burst                     : burst PDF file to PDF files, one page per                              PDF file

 split <int>               : split PDF file by every n pages

 bookmark                  : split PDF file by bookmarks, append page                              number to filenames

 bookmark2                 : split PDF file by bookmarks, without page                              number in filenames

 mergeform                 : merge two fillable PDF files together

 crossmerge                : cross merge two PDF files together with                                compression

 crossmerge2               : cross merge two PDF files together                                    without compression

 getpagecount              : retrieve page count from PDF file

 addbookmark <int>         : create bookmark to PDF file

    addbookmark 1          : use short filename as bookmarks

    addbookmark 2          : use full filename as bookmarks

    addbookmark 3          : use short filename without suffix as                                  bookmarks

    addbookmark 4          : read bookmarks and filenames from txt                                  file

 set RetainBookmarks on/off: enable or disable bookmarks

 set RetainAcroForms on/off: enable or disable AcroForms

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