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PDF Text Batch Changer

PDF Text Batch Changer is an application that can change the text of PDF in batches. It can find and replace the text in one or multiple PDF files in one process.

There are many PDF editors that can edit PDF files with facility. However, most PDF editors cannot search and replace plenty words of PDF automatically. If you have found many words wrong in a PDF, in normal situations, you have to edit the original document and then convert it to PDF again. If you do not have the original document, PDF Text Batch Changer will be helpful in some degree.

PDF Text Batch Changer is free for trial, and you can download and install it for free. After installing and running it, you will see its interface as shown in Figure 1. To change the text of PDF, you firstly should add the PDF files to the File List by clicking button Add as displayed in Figure 1. The buttons Remove and Clear for removing unwanted items added by mistake.

interface of PDF Text Batch Changer

Figure 1

Select According to Positions tab and click button Settings. There popups a dialog as displayed in Figure 2. The dialog will preview the first PDF file in the File List. You can use the up and down arrows to preview the previous and next page, respectively.

change text in specified position and page

Figure 2

Browse and select the text you want to change, and then click the button Add to the table. The text and its position will be displayed in the table Find what on the right. Now you can input the right text to Replace with. In this mode, you can change multiple words in multiple different positions and pages. The rest text in the PDF that are not in the specified position will not be changed after the process. The option Stamp text can be sued if the PDF pages are not constructed with the same layouts. Click button Save on the top of the dialog after setting all texts that need to be changed.

In the main interface, make sure that the tab According to Positions is activated, and click the button Replace. The texts in specified positions will be changed to the texts you have set. Besides changing text in specified positions, PDF Text Batch Changer can change the text to images, change all found texts of PDF files in the File List to other text or images. You can learn the usages in the user guide.

Click the following link, and you can see the features of PDF Text Batch Changer.

You can buy a proper license for PDF Text Batch Changer.

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