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PDF Text Batch Modifier

PDF Text Batch Modifier is a special tool for modifying text of PDF. It supports modifying all matched words in arbitrary number of PDF files. It can replace text with text and even with images.

In some situations, do you need to change some text of an organization name to its logo? For example, you want to change the text Google in the header of a PDF page to the logo of Google. PDF Text Batch Modifier can do this for you. The following is a simple instruction to the changing text to image.

You can download and install PDF Text Batch Modifier for free. This application can be used for free within limited times. After installing and running the application, you will see the main interface as displayed in Figure 1. In the interface, click button Add, and select your PDF files that need to be modified. Then the PDF files will be displayed in the table File List. If you have added some wrong PDF files by mistake, you may use buttons Remove or Clear to remove them.

Here we want to modify the text in specified position. Click the tab According to Positions, and then click button Settings. You will see a dialog box Settings shown in Figure 2.

main interface of PDF Text Batch Modifier

Figure 1

In the dialog box, you can preview the first PDF file in the File List. In the frame showing PDF pages, click the text that you want to modify, and you will see a button Add to the table. Click the button, the text and its position will be displayed in the table. In the right part, select Replace with Images, and then you can set the replacement options. In this situation, you can see that the page number, position in page, and the text Google are shown in the table. Click the button Open Picture File, and then select an image to replace the text. The width and height of the image are acquired from the width and height automatically, and you can also set new values by yourself. Click button Save above the page preview frame to apply the settings.

replace text with images

Figure 2

Now come to the main interface. Click the button Replace in tab According to Positions, and then all the text in the set position and page of set number for all selected PDF file in the File List will be modified and changed to the given picture. In this case, the text Google in position [0, 4] in Page 1 of each PDF file in the file list will be changed to picture of Google's logo. So the PDF files are modified by PDF Text Batch Modifier with a batch process.

Click the link to view the features of PDF Text Batch Modifier.

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