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PDF Text Watermark Remover can find and replace text with empty text content, which can be used to remove text watermark of PDF. Some shared PDF files have text watermarks, if you want to remove the watermarks for some reasons, you can use this application. Besides replacing text with empty text content, it can also replace text with text or image.

PDF Text Watermark Remover can be downloaded and installed for free. You can get twenty times of evaluations. Run the application, and you will see the main interface shown in Figure 1. Click button Add to add PDF files into the File List which shows the PDF files to be processed. The other buttons are for removing unwanted or sorting the items. The File List enables the application to process multiple PDF files within one process progress.

INTERFACE of PDF Text Watermark Remover

Figure 1

Select tab According to Content, and then click the child tab Replace with Text, you will see the options displayed in Figure 1.

Click Add Rule, and you will see a row of tables appear in the child tab. You can input the text in Find What and leave the form of Replace with empty. So the texts match with the text in Find What will be replaced with empty content, which means the texts are removed. You can use this feature to remove text watermarks of PDF. The option Stamp text can be used when the default replacement does not work well.

You can also use this application to replace text with new text. So this is a helpful tool for finding and replacing text in PDF.

Furthermore, PDF Text Watermark Remover can also replace words with images, so you can replace your company's name with its logo easily with this application.

PDF Text Watermark Remover is more than a text finding and replacing tool, it has more functions described in this article. Please click the following link to see all the features of PDF Text Watermark Remover

If you want to own this application, please buy a proper license for it.

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