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VeryPDF Flash Flip Book Creator

VeryPDF Flash Flip Book Creator is an easy to use application, which can help you quickly create flash flip books from PDF files. After you convert your PDF files to flash flip books by means of VeryPDF Flash Flip Book Creator, you can easily share your books, fashion magazines, brochures, catalogs, newspapers, and any other PDF documents on your blog, facilitating the way to access your digital documents. The flip books also provide a new way to enjoy reading online. By clicking buttons or clicking on any color of a page, you can flip the pages like you are flipping a real book.

VeryPDF Flash Flip Book Creator is a command line application. It enables you to use a single command line to create flash flip book from PDF. Meanwhile, you can also set options to specify button color, background color, conversion page range, etc. Please take a look at the basic usage, options, and some examples as illustrated below:

Usage:pdfflip.exe file.pdf outdir [-options]

Options: -pw<int>: Set flipbook page width -ph<int>: Set flipbook page height -bc<string>: Set flipbook button color, e.g., -bc ffffff -pc<string>: Set flipbook panel color, e.g., -pc ffffff -tc<string>: Set flipbook text color, e.g., -tc ffffff -bgc<string>: Set flipbook background color, e.g., -bgc ffffff -hc <string>: Use hard cover or not, e.g., "-hc true" or "-hc false"

Examples: C:\pdf2flipbook\pdfflip.exe E:\test.pdf D:\outdir D:\pdf2flipbook\pdfflip.exe C:\test.pdf D:\outdir -pw 826 -ph 1 C:\pdf2flipbook\pdfflip.exe D:\test.pdf E:\outdir -pw 400mm -ph E:\pdf2flipbook\pdfflip.exe D:\test.pdf C:\outdir -tc ffffff C:\pdf2flipbook\pdfflip.exe E:\test.pdf C:\outdir -bc ff0000 E:\pdf2flipbook\pdfflip.exe D:\test.pdf E:\outdir -pp A4


  • Create flash flip books from PDF files.
  • The flip books have animation effect.
  • The flip books support multiple ways to flip pages.
  • Support color setting for flip books, including text, button, background, and panel color settings.
  • Support picture quality setting for image preserving from the original PDF to flip book.
  • Support passwords setting.

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