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PDF to Online eBook Converter

Are you searching for an eBook converter which can help you convert PDF to online eBook? VeryPDF PDF to Online eBook Converter is definitely your right choice. It is a command line application designed to quickly convert PDF files to electronic books which can be easily shared on the internet. The electronic books generated by VeryPDF PDF to Online eBook Converter have vivid 3D page flipping effect. You may really feel like you are reading and flipping a real paper book on your computer screen.

The following is an illustration of an eBook converted by VeryPDF PDF to Online eBook Converter. As you can see, there are five buttons at the bottom of the book. They are for flipping pages and zoom in or zoom out pages. To flip page of the eBook, you can use any of the following four ways:

Click buttons—you can click the first button and the fourth button to flip pages backward and forward.

Auto flip—you can type a page number you can to turn to in the edit box and click the button Go to preceding the edit box.

Drag—you can move the mouse cursor to any corner of a page, and press the left button down and drag with the mouse.

Double click—you can double clicking the mouse on any corner of a page to turn pages.


check the result after you convert PDF to online eBook

How to use it?

You can get VeryPDF PDF to Online eBook Converter by clicking download. You can use it free for 50 times. When you use it to convert PDF to online eBook, please take a look at the following usage, options and examples first:


Usage: pdfflip.exe file.pdf outdir [-options]

Options: -$ <string>: Set registration key password <string>: Use password for deciphering the PDF -bc <string>: Set flipbook button color, e.g., -bc ffffff -bgc <string>: Set flipbook panel color, e.g., -bgc ffffff


C:\pdf2flipbook\pdfflip.exe C:\in.pdf E:\out C:\pdf2flipbook\pdfflip.exe C:\in.pdf E:\out -$ 56yy66 C:\pdf2flipbook\pdfflip.exe C:\in.pdf E:\out -password 78ikk8f C:\pdf2flipbook\pdfflip.exe C:\in.pdf E:\out -bc ffffff C:\pdf2flipbook\pdfflip.exe C:\in.pdf E:\out -bgc ff0000


  • Convert PDF to electronic books with animation effect via command line.
  • The output eBooks are easy to be shared online.
  • The conversion from PDF to online eBook is quick.
  • Support page size setting for eBooks.
  • Support color setting for buttons, background, text and panel of eBooks.

How to buy it?

The trial version can only be used for 50 times. If you want to own the full version, please buy a registration key for it.

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