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VeryPDF PDF to HTML Converter


PDF to HTML Converter

  • Convert PDF to one continuous HTML Page.
  • Customize HTML Pages.
  • Set image color depth and quality.

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Version 2.0

VeryPDF PDF to HTML Converter can help you create HTML from PDF quickly and accurately. With the help of PDF to HTML Converter, you can create HTML page from each page of PDF file, or create a single continuous HTML page from a PDF file. You can employ either of the following two methods to create HTML from PDF: via the GUI version or via Command Line Version.

Method 1: Via GUI

1. Download and Run PDF to HTML Converter

Please click here to download PDF to HTML Converter. Install it on your computer, and click the icon of this product on your desktop to run it.

2. Set Options

Click the File tab at the upper left corner of the main interface. And then, click Preferences in the list to open the Preferences dialog box as illustrated as follows. You can customize the output HTML page or pages, and set image quality options in this dialog box.

customize html page(s)

There are six tabs at the top of this dialog box:

HTML Options—set HTML page title and keywords, set HTML background color, and insert a URL into the page index.

General—set page range, choose to remove images, choose to generate a single continuous HTML page, and choose to view after conversion.

JPEG Quality—create HTML files with gray scale images, or with images in specified quality.

Character Position—set an auto-process mode or select an option to adjust the space between characters in the PDF.

Hyperlinks—if you want to maintain or delete the original hyperlink, you are going to use this tab.

PDF Passwords—if the original PDF is protected by either an open password or a master password, or both, you are going to use this tab.

After setting the options, please click OK. Then dialog box disappears and you can proceed to the next step.

3. Input PDF and Export HTML

Click the File tab, > click Open in the list, > Input PDF by selecting PDF files in the Open PDF Files dialog box that pops out. > Click OK. > Select a folder in the Browse for Folder dialog box that pops out. > Press Enter.

Method 2: Via Command Line

1. Download PDF to HTML Converter Command Line

Please download PDF to HTML Converter Command Line, decompress the zip file and then proceed to the next step.

2. Run Windows Command Prompt

According to different Window operating systems, different ways may be required to run Windows Command Prompt on different computers. For example, if you are a Windows XP user, you can click Start, > Run, > enter cmd in the Run dialog box and press Enter to open Windows Command Prompt.

3. Type a Command Line and Press Enter

Please type a command line in the Windows Command Prompt window according to the usage of PDF to HTML Converter Command Line as follows. The options and examples might be helpful.

pdf2html [options] <PDF-file> <HTML-file>

-f <int>: first page to convert
-l <int>: last page to convert
-r <int>: resolution, in DPI (default is 100)
-quality <int>: set quality for JPEG file, default is 95
-imgformat <int>: 0 is JPEG, 1 is PNG, 2 is GIF
-opw <string>: owner password (for encrypted PDF file)
-upw <string>: user password (for encrypted PDF file)
-onehtm: generate in one continuous html page
-oneword: create accurate HTML files
-noimg: remove images from HTML files
-notxtidx: remove text index file from HTML files
-notextinbody: remove text from HTML's body
-notextinmeta: remove text from HTML's meta
-noseo: don't optimize HTML files for search engines
-homeurl <string>: add a home URL into the left index page
-yoffset <int>: set Y offset for HTML page contents
-noutf8: remove UTF8 header to compatible with Firefox
-$ <string>: register with a key code

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