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Image to Editable Excel Converter

If there is a scanned image with many English characters in it just like the one showed in Figure1, which needs to be converted to Excel document, how do you fulfill the task? To create a new Excel document and type all the characters in the file is too troublesome and time-wasting. If there is an application to help you convert the image to Excel without any information loss, it will be the best way.

Original image file
Figure 1

Please don’t worry about this problem, it can be resolved perfectly. With the best OCR technology in the market, Image to Editable Excel Converter allows users to convert image to Excel easily. This application supports six kinds of languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. It also supports three kinds of output layouts.

You can download the free trial version of Image to Editable Excel Converter by clicking here. If you want to use the full function after free evaluation, please buy different kinds of licenses. Single Personal User License, Single-User Commercial License, Multi-User Personal License, Multi-User Commercial License and Site License (Commercial use for all employees of one company) are all available to be purchased.

For better understanding the application, the interface of Image to Editable Excel Converter is given in Figure1. There is a file list used to list all the image files to be converted on the left of the interface. To add image files, you can click “Add file(s)” button below the list, or drag the file into the list. You can also right click the mouse in the list and choose “Add file(s)” option. “Remove” and “Remove All” buttons are for deleting some image or batch images from the list.


Before the conversion, you should check the language in image file and select a right option in the combo box in top right corner, for example, the second one: OCR PDF and Image file (Language: English). According to your requirements, you should choose an output layout format in “Output Options” group box. The application supports two kinds of output formats, including “MS Excel 97-2003 (XLS)” and “MS Excel 2007 format (XLSX)”. You can click any radio box. It is recommended to check the option “View after convert”, which can help you browse the created Excel document automatically after the conversion of image to Excel.

The interface of Image to Editable Excel Converter
Figure 2

Then please click "Convert" button. You will find a dialog box called "Save As" comes out, in which you can choose a location for newly created Excel document. Then click "OK" button to run the conversion. There is a progress bar appearing showed in Figure2, which can remind you the conversion progress. The progress bar will be empty again when the conversion is over.

Conversion progress
Figure 3

Please see the newly generated Excel document in Figure3. If the resolution of the original image is high enough, the application can recognize all the characters perfectly. In the new Excel document, you can edit the file freely.

New XLS document
Figure 4

Features of Image to Editable Excel Converter

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