OEM License - a short description

You are granted a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to install and use the Software under the following conditions:

  1. The Software may be installed and used by the Licensee for business, commercial and money-earning purposes.
  2. The License can be deployed by an unlimited number of developers, on an unlimited number of systems.
  3. The Software under this License may be incorporated into software/hardware projects sold by the Licensee.
  4. The Software under this License may be distributed to end users and 3rd developers.
  5. The License entitles the Licensee to the unlimited redistribution of the Licensor's software as a part of his (the Licensee's).
  6. The License is royalty-free, i.e. the Licensee does not need to pay a fee per every order of his product he incorporates the Licensor's technology into.
  7. The License cannot be used by the Licensee to develop a software application that would compete with products marketed by the Licensor.
  8. The License doesn't include any rights on the Source Code (machine code) of the Software.
  9. This License doesn't include re-distribution or customization rights on the Software GUI which you can see in the free version of the Software downloadable from online. So, the Licensor will have to write their own interface if that is needed for their project.

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