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PDF Encrypt - EncryptPDF software

Secure your PDF files - simple to use encryption & copy controls
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What's encryption?

Encryption will be the utilization of a mathematical program (algorithm) to make data secret from anybody not authorized to make use of it. Encryption uses a secret key to scramble details applied to files to ensure that only these with all the correct crucial can watch them. PDF encryption is therefore the encryption of PDF files, the outcome of which can be an encrypted PDF file. Encryption keys are occasionally taken from passwords, but passwords are a poor selection for encryption keys - see PDF Password Protection. Encryption keys are normally extremely lengthy, and their values are virtually random, generating them nearly impossible to discover and difficult to guess.

What's PDF encryption?

PDF encryption is therefore the encryption of PDF files and this may possibly be carried out in several different techniques. At the easiest level 1 can encrypt an whole PDF file. At a second degree one could encrypt parts of the PDF information thus producing the PDF file successfully unusable but with out obtaining to encrypt all of its material.

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