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PDF Protection

PDF Protection - EncryptPDF software
Simplest method for PDF Protection

Add password protection to your PDF files!

PDF document is contain lots of text and image contents, sometimes, you don't want someone to copy or print your PDF file, so you want to encrypt your PDF file. VeryPDF PDF Protection software will be your choice. PDF Protection software that enables you to prevent, allow or control your PDF file easily, it has following features,

Viewing, copying, modifying and printing documents and contents.
Supports user password and owner password.
Supports 40-bit RC4, 128-bit RC4 and 128-bit AES encryption.
This software is standalone, it doesn't need Adobe Reader or Acrobat to be installed.
This software enables you to load lots of PDF files and encrypt them at one time. It will save lots of your time.
You are able to suppress printing and copying text from password protected PDF documents.

You can add a password protection to your PDF files, this can be done easily by VeryPDF PDF Protection software.

Protect the PDF files by DRM technology or FileOpen technology or Plug-in technology:

Also, we are planning release a new PDF protection software in the future, this new software will support a specify encryption method for PDF files, you can control anything for your PDF files easily, this new PDF protection software will contain following functions,

Encryption on Windows platform.
Batch encryption via Command Line.
Define your own encryption key (64bit or 128bit).
Able to set PDF document expiration date.
Create authorized installer (.exe file).
Persistent offline security.
Restrict # of printouts, duration of printing.
Support communicating client plug-in.
Batch encrypt your PDF files on-the-fly.
Able to disable "Save As" button in web browser.
Monitor each open/print attempt, record these actions to the server automatically.
You can change the permission to the PDF documents at any time from server side.
Prevent PrintScreen & Alt-Print Screen.
Able to add watermark on PDF pages.
You can Control printing and everything via document server.

We are also provide the custom development service for this software, if you are interest in the custom development service, please feel free to let us know.

The feedback from some customers in the past:

Another simple fact you might want to mention in your documentation (not caused by your program but related).

The passwords must not contain characters such as: % > < | otherwise MS-DOS will treat them as special characters and the password your program receives is different form the original one.

encryptpdf .... -u abc%1def

%1 is treated by MS-DOS like a batch file parameter and gets changed!

When you run encryptpdf.exe Command Line to encrypt your PDF files, you can't use special characters as password, please notice this matter.

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