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Free Invoice Template

Are you always busy for making invoices for your clients? Is the setting type job boring and time costing? Here is a free template for making invoices, Free Invoice Template provided by VeryPDF.

VeryPDF Free Invoice Template is a web browser based tool for making invoices. You need not install any software to make an invoice besides installing a web browser on your computer. VeryPDF Free Invoice Template supports these non-IE based browsers, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari Browser, and Opera Browser.

Click or input the address http://www.verypdf.com/invoice/ in your web browser address bar, then you will see the invoice template.

The invoice template provides these customizable items, name of your company, contact of your company, description of the invoice, name of client, letter content to client, and the main part of an invoice, item table of your products.

Click any area of the items mentioned above, and then you will see the background color is changed to yellow. Then you can edit the text in front of the yellow background.

In the figure, you can see that the item of tax rate is also customizable. VeryPDF Free Invoice Template is not only just a template of invoice; it is also a smart tool of making invoice. You see that the total price inclusive of tax is automatically calculated. As shown in the figure, the Subtotal price is $5000.00, and the tax rate is set to 1%, the final Total price, $5050.00, is immediately calculated out.

Besides calculating prices automatically, by clicking Get PDF, VeryPDF Free Invoice Template also supports saving the filled invoice as PDF to your computer or other portable devices, like iPad, Android tablet, etc. You can also send the invoice in PDF to a specified email address by clicking Send Email for safe.

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Features of VeryPDF Free Invoice Template.

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