VeryPDF PDF Editor v2.2 Editing Tools
VeryPDF PDF Editor provides comment tools and content tools to help you
add comments and contents and edit the PDF document easily.
Working with comment tools
There are four type comment tools: stamp, note, textbox and draw.
1 The stamp comment is an image file which you can add by selecting a file from
the disk.
2 The note comment has many icon shapes which you can select from the icon
list in properties as your need.
3 Use textbox comment tool to add text to your PDF document
4 Use draw tool and select a shape (pencil line, line, rectangle and ellipse) to add
a drawing comment to highlight some contents.
You can add annotations to the stamp, note and drawing by double click them.
To add the comment, just click the relative tool button on the toolbar.
With these tools, filling out a PDF form becomes an easy way. Using textbox tool,
you can freely fill out a form or comment your PDF document. You can use draw
tools to add some drawings to highlight the content.
Use note tool to fill the checkbox in PDF forms or add a note as a label.
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