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VeryPDF PDF Editor Quick Start

PDF Editor Quick Start
Welcome to PDF Editor. PDF Editor is an application that provides a convenient way for you to open and work with PDF documents. Using PDF Editor, you can add your own comments, contents to your PDF file. Directly edit the contents of PDF documents.
How to add comments
Here we take a form for example in which we want to use the textbox comment tool to fill. Make sure you have enabled the comment tool each time you want to add comments.

Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3


Figure 4

You can add a note, stamp and draw comment in the same way. You can also add annotations to the other three comments. For the detail, please see VeryPDF PDF Editor Help file.
How to add contents
We take the same example here. Please enable content tools first each time you want to edit the content.

Figure 5


Figure 6


Figure 7


Figure 8

We can also add line, polyline, rectangle and ellipse to the content and set their properties in the same way. Please see the help file for the details. | | | Links | Contact

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