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What is PDF/A?

PDF/A means archival PDF which is a type of PDF that is used for the long term storage for documents. PDF/A was designed to enable the long-term preservation of electronic documents and provides specifications for several aspects for the PDF documents. PDF/A has a standard name -- PDF/A-1 which has two levels of compliances, PDF/A-1a and PDF/A-1b. PDF/A-1b meets the minimum requirement for PDF/A compliance, of which requirements are all included in PDF/A-1a.

Standard PDF files rely on external information, such as font libraries, to be read. So as the improving of technology, problems will be posed for retrieval far in the future. PDF/A files, on the contrary, have all information embedded in the file and are independent of external information. So if you have a PDF/A reader, you can read the document anytime and anywhere.

With the help of PDF to PDF/A Converter, you can convert your PDF files to PDF/A for ensuring that your documents can be archivable and displayed reliably.

Please see the interface of PDF to PDF/A Converter in Figure1 in which there is a file list in the upper-left. To add the PDF files into the application, you should click "Open" button to choose the documents in "Choose files to convert" dialog box. When you click on each file in the list, you can see the thumbnails of them on the right of the interface. To delete some PDF file from the list, you can use the "Remove" button. The button "Remove All" is for clearing the file list. In "Output Folder" line edit, you can input or choose the output directory for the output PDF/A document.

Interface of PDF to PDF/A Converter

'Option' dialog box

There is a Tab Control which contains two Tabs in the dialog box. When you click the "Description" Tab, you can edit the descriptions for output PDF/A document such as "Author", "Creator", "Keywords", etc. By clicking the "Start Action" Tab, you can set the opening current page for output PDF/A document in "Start Page" spin box. In "OpenAction" spin box, you can choose or input the scale format or the scale proportion such as "FitH" or "25%". If you want to use the color space mode for the converted document, you can check any option box in "Use the following color space mode" group box. Then please click on "Apply" button.

You need to input or choose the output directory in "Output Folder" text box when you back to the interface of PDF to PDF/A Converter again. When everything has been done, please click "Convert" button to run the conversion.

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