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What is the difference between JPEG and JPG images? What is JPG or JPEG?

JPG or JPEG is the compressed form of picture. It is the format of the pictures files. But Jpg files have many disadvantages also. It reduces the quality of the images whenever you reduces the size or edit the pictures. JPEG is the compressed form is picture which is expand after the editing the picture which decreases the quality of the images. JPG can be open with the Paint application of windows.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a lossy compression method standardized by ISO. Jpg, jpeg, jpe, jfif are all extension used for pictures, .jpg is just the shorter version of .jpeg. The major difference between the JPEG and JPG is the usage of the platforms (Operating Systems). JPEG is the extension given by the Macintosh and JPG is the extension used in Windows.

Lossy compression formats are generally suited for photographs. It is not suited for illustrations, drawings and text, as compression artifacts from compressing the image will standout. Lossy compression, as its name implies, does not encode all the information of the file, so when it is recovered into an image, it will not be an exact representation of the original. However, it is able to compress images very effectively compared to lossless formats, as it discards certain information. A prime example of a lossy compression format is JPEG.

Acrobat to JPG Converter is able to convert Acrobat PDF files to color JPG files, see following screenshot, you can convert a color map from PDF file to color JPG format quickly,

Acrobat to JPG Converter

Acrobat to JPG Converter does support command line operation, for example, you can run following command line to convert from page 1 to page 9 from PDF file to JPG files, you will get 9 JPG files by following command line,

pdf2img -f 1 -l 9 C:\input.pdf -o C:\output.jpg

You can also run following command line to convert all of your PDF files in C:\ folder to all JPG files, this is the batch conversion, you needn't input the filename for each PDF file,

pdf2img -i C:\*.pdf -o C:\*.jpg

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