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acrobat to multi-page TIF Acrobat to Multi-page TIF Converter
Acrobat to Multi-page TIF - Convert Acrobat files to Multi-page TIF files

The Tagged Image Data Format (TIF or TIFF) can be a graphic extendable. Typically used for high-quality images, TIF files can be used for both raster and vector graphics, and they have the initial ability to hold multiple images in a single file. These files are referred to as multipage TIF images. You will see a multipage TIF with Windows Photo Viewer, which comes standard with Windows 7.


1. Locate the multipage TIF on your own hard disk.

2. Right-click on the TIF file, highlight "Open with" and then click "Windows Image Viewer" application.

3. Flip through the pages in the TIF file with arrow buttons located directly within the picture.

You can use Acrobat to Multi-page TIF Converter to convert multi-page PDF file to one multi-page TIFF file, then you can view each TIF page in Windows Image Viewer application easily.

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