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acrobat to Multipage TIFF Acrobat to Multipage TIFF Converter
Acrobat to Multipage TIFF - Convert Acrobat files to Multipage TIFF files

TIFF format does support multi-page feature. One final important distinction between TIFF and a lot other image file formats is always that TIFF defines support for multiple images within a file. Such a file will be called 'multi-page' TIFF. Thus, the TIFF format is extremely well suited to e.g. store the many pages of a single fax in a single file.

Acrobat to Multipage TIFF Converter is a standalone application, it is needn't Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader installed in your system. Acrobat to Multipage TIFF Converter is support batch conversion, you can convert any number of PDF files to TIFF files at one time. Acrobat to Multipage TIFF Converter is able to create PACKBITS, CCITT FAX4, CCITT G3, LZW, JPEG compression of TIFF files, these compression methods will compress the resultant TIFF files as small as possible. You can also control the quality during PDF to TIFF file conversion, so that you can print the converted TIFF file to target Windows Printer at high resolution (high quality).

You can select following options in Acrobat to Multipage TIFF Converter to convert your multiple page PDF file to multiple page TIFF file,

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