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acrobat to pcx Acrobat to PCX Converter
Acrobat to PCX - Convert Acrobat files to PCX files (acrobat2pcx,acrobattopcx)

PCX Graphic File Format

The PCX format is actually a relatively straightforward format that offers a minimum of compression employing Run Length Encoding (RLE). RLE indicates the file can be study from start to complete in one pass and encoded or decoded with out any holistic info (i.e., as a way to determine what the next encoded byte is, you only need to know what preceded it, not anything after it.) The PCX format is especially helpful for 320x200x256 VGA mode 13h (exactly where each pixel is stored as a byte). The PCX format was originally employed by Computer Paintbrush.

The PCX file by itself includes two parts--the first component is referred to as the header, which contains information about the image; the second part is the image information, which consists of real picture data and coloration information. Rather than clarify every discipline with the header in detail, a structure is demonstrated below which gives a brief glance at the objective of every area.

The PCX file consists of two parts, the header and also the image data, that is usually compressed. PCX files start with a 128-byte header.

Acrobat to PCX Converter product does convert Acrobat PDF files to PCX format, you can set target format to PCX (see following screenshot), you will able to convert your Acrobat file to multiple PCX files, one PCX file per page,

Acrobat to PCX Converter GUI application

You can also convert your Acrobat file to PCX format from command line, for example,

"C:\Program Files\VeryPDF PDF2Image v2.1\pdf2img.exe" -i C:\input.pdf -o C:\output.pcx

Acrobat to PCX Converter Command Line application

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