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acrobat to tif Acrobat to TIF Converter
Acrobat to TIF - Convert Acrobat files to TIF files (acrobat2tif,acrobattotif)

TIF format is the Tagged Picture File Format, it is actually a file format for storing images, well-liked amongst Apple Macintosh entrepreneurs, graphic artists, the publishing business, and each amateur and skilled photographers in basic.

TIFF (Tag Picture File Format) is a broadly supported by open file specification. It really is actually a raster-based format regularly employed for pictures that arrive from optical scanners, graphics/photo editing applications, and so on. TIFF files can span numerous pages, contain numerous various raster format "encodings" (techniques to symbolize pixels dots with compression) and contain metadata tags, such as the origin from the pictures and development date.

Basically the most frequent TIFF encoding is CCITT G4, that is used to signify monochrome (black and white) scans of pictures like paperwork, checks and blueprints. Other file encodings are color pictures for pictures, pictures of charts, graphical renderings, and so on.

Acrobat to TIF Converter

You can by following steps to convert your Acrobat PDF file to TIF format,

1. Click "Add" button to add a PDF file into file list, you will able to preview the PDF page in the left Preview Area.
2. Set target file type to "TIF" format.
3. Adjust any needed settings.
4. You can also adjust the resolution before converting them, the resolution option will impact the quality to output TIF image format.
5. Click "Browse" button to choose a destination folder.
6. Click "Convert" button to Start Conversion.

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