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acrobat to tiff Acrobat to TIFF Converter
Acrobat to TIFF - Convert Acrobat files to TIFF files (acrobat2tiff,acrobattotiff)

TIFF format is a great format for archiving, TIFF is a raster bitmapped format. The structure of TIFF files is actually a lot simpler. As a result a solution for functioning with documents in this format is not only a lot more feasible, but can be more varied, because you'll find several independent developers available. Getting selected TIFF as a single format, you are able to be self-confident that documents submitted to the archive will always be readable, given that in the selection of installed packages on all operating techniques is actually a program for viewing files of this format. Indexing documents within the TIFF format isn't only straightforward, but frequently doesn't cost something. Available on the market there exist tons of applications, such as these totally free of charge, which do a fantastic job of dealing with this job!

Acrobat to TIFF Converter is the best product to convert Acrobat PDF files to TIFF files, it doesn't requires Adobe Acrobat and other third-party libraries or printer drivers, it is a stand-alone application. Acrobat to TIFF Converter is support LZW, CCITT-FAX3 (G3 or Group 3), CCITT-FAX4 (G4 or Group 4), RLE, PACKBITS, JPEG compression methods in TIFF format.

You can by following steps to convert your Acrobat PDF files to TIFF files,

1. You can click "Add" button to add a PDF file into file list, Preview Area will show the first page of your Acrobat PDF file,
2. Choose "TIF" format as output format type,
3. Adjust some settings that you need.
4. Adjust the resolution that you need, the resolution option will affect the quality to output TIFF image format, you can change the resolution option up to 2400DPI.
5. Click "Browse" button to choose a destination folder, if you leave it as blank, Acrobat to TIFF Converter will output the TIFF files to the folder where original PDF file exist,
6. Click "Convert" button to Start Conversion.

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