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PCX is definitely an image file format that utilizes a basic type of run-length encoding. It's lossless. The ZSoft Corporation of Marietta, Georgia, USA created it because the native file format for their Pc Paintbrush graphics plan, which utilized to get very well-liked with early PCs users. Nowadays it's got been largely changed by GIF, JPEG and PNG which support better compression.

Due to the fact shades 0x00..0xc0 are compressed much better than shades 0xc1..0xff, great palette sorting is critical. It's normally (but not always) enough to move the most-common hues into palette positions 0x00..0xc0, and least-used to palette positions 0xc1..0xff. The complete algorithm for sorting the palette would be to count how a lot of occasions a colour appears 63N+1 (for nonnegative integer N) in a row, as it's only feasible in this sort of instances to use unprefixed coloration values to increase compression, and move shades with greater count into indexes 0x00..0xc0, and all others to 0xc1..0xff. This is warranted to create ideal outcomes.

PCL format was initially created by ZSOFT for its Pc Paintbrush system, PCX can be a graphics file format for graphics packages operating on PCs. It's supported by most optical scanners, fax programs, and desktop publishing programs. Files inside the PCX format finish with a ".pcx" ( pronounced dot -p-c-x) extension. Two other common bit map formats are BMP and TIFF.

The PCX format was developed by ZSoft, publishing the PaintBrush software which Microsoft Windows operating systems were equipped with in a standard way as from the eighties.
The PCX format is a bitmap format that allows images, whose dimensions may range up to 65536 by 65536 and which may be coded on 1 bit, 4 bits, 8 bits or 24 bits (corresponding to 2, 16, 256 or 16 million colours respectively). The structure of a PCX file is the following:

A bitmap information header) with a length of 128 bytes.
The image body.
Colour palette (optional). This is a field of 768 bytes allowing the various values of red, green and blue (RGB) for each palette element to be stored.

PDF to PCX Converter Features:
PDF to PCX supports dozens of image formats;
PDF to PCX is convenient and easy to operate, and PDF files can be added into file list and converted fast;
Support Password Protected PDF file conversion.
Supports TIFF, JPEG, RAW, PNG, BMP, PSD, TGA, and many other image formats.
PDF to PCX can specify any resolution in the generated Image files;
PDF to PCX is a standalone software, Adobe Acrobat and Reader NOT required!
Converts PDF to PCX images in batch mode.
Able to produce multipage TIFF files.
Support intelligent processing of large files.
Convert images from your desktop as well as via command line.
Support conversion into 1, 4, 8 or 24-bit PCX format.
Support PACKBITS, CCITT FAX4, LZW, JPEG compression of TIFF images.
PDF to PCX can be launched from command line, from batch file or another application;
PDF to PCX is support all version of PDF formats, from PDF 1.0 to PDF 1.9.

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