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PDF to RAS Conversion - Convert PDF file to RAS files (pdf2RAS, pdftoRAS)

File Extension RAS Description:

RAS File Format is a Bitmap format, it is a Sun Raster Images. RAS image format has following features:

Supported Pixel formats: 1, 8 or 24 bits/pixel. RAS image format.
Compression Method: None or RLE compression.

Notes: Text formatted data is not supported.

RAS is a Raster image format used by Sun Microsystems computers, typically created on a Unix workstation; supports 1, 8, 24, and 32 bits per pixel; can be uncompressed or compressed using RLE compression; recognized by most image viewing programs.

The RAS file extension belongs for the image file group and is also described like a SUN Raster Picture File, created by Sun Microsystems. Initially, the .ras image format was introduced below the UNIX platform employing Sub Microsystems programs; however it was later re-created to conform to other platforms, like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh, etc.

PDF to RAS Converter can be used to convert PDF file to RAS format easily, you can add a PDF file into PDF to RAS Converter, select "RAS" as output format, then you can convert your PDF file to RAS format quickly.

PDF to RAS Converter

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