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OCR Technology

What is OCR Technology?

A convenient method of transferring documents over networks is to use PDF documents, easily shared and easily viewable. However, a computer merely views PDF documents as images, images that are not searchable or readable to anyone but human users. With OCR technology, you can make these image-like PDF files into searchable text. The software will scan the document and extract the text from it, making it very convenient to find articles in the future.

Why Use OCR Technology?

While you do have the option of manually sorting through all of your documents, OCR technology makes it much more practical for you to find files in the future. Instead of having to take copious amounts of time sifting through folders and folders, OCR technology enables you to simply type and search for what you want. With OCR technology, you will become more organized and save time by cutting out time consuming methods of finding PDF documents. Additionally, you have the option of editing PDF files after the use of OCR technology, which makes it more convenient for any changes that may occur in the future.

Learning about OCR Technology with VeryPDF

Although competing companies do offer OCR technology services, none will match the excellent quality and service that VeryPDF provides. The process of using OCR technology may sound burdensome but VeryPDF's continual guidance ensures that most, if not all, users will grasp the concept very quickly with little tutorial. Find out more about using OCR technology with VeryPDF today.

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