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PDF Searchable Image
Convert Searchable Adobe PDF Documents to TEXT Files

    PDF documents with Formatted Text & Graphics page content contain text that is scalable and can be indexed, searched, and copied to the Clipboard. The documents preserve page formatting and graphic images. PDF Formatted Text & Graphics files are significantly smaller than PDF Searchable Image files, the alternative to the default setting. PDF Searchable Image documents contain complete bitmaps of the pages of the original document, like the PDF Image documents producible by scanning. But they have recognized text hidden behind the image, so the text can be indexed, searched, and copied like text in a PDF Formatted Text & Graphics document. Use Searchable Image when you need to keep the original scanned image of a document for legal or archival purposes but want the document to be searchable. Searchable Image (Compact) is a more compressed version of Searchable Image (Exact) in which text regions that contain two colors (e.g., red text on blue background) are stored as monochrome rather than full-color images. Note: In Acrobat 4.0, PDF Formatted Text & Graphics is called "PDF Normal." PDF Searchable Image is called "PDF Original Image with Hidden Text."

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