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Convert HTM to PDF - PDFcamp (PDF Writer)
HTM to PDF File Conversion - HTM Conversion Tool 

VeryPDF HTML to PDF Converter COM is a Library for software developers, you can integrate HTML-to-PDF or URL-to-PDF conversion into your product easily. With strong web page layout control and complete assistance for Flash conversion, VeryPDF HTML to PDF Converter streamlines the procedure of making safe, printable PDF files from any HTML-based content.

Dynamic HTML to PDF Conversion
Convert HTML to PDF from any provide. Whether or not processing CGI scripts, ASP, JSP, or plain HTML, it tends to create no distinction; VeryPDF HTML to PDF Converter handles PDF creation for every one. With HTML to PDF Converter, you might be in a position to load HTML content material material from URLs, disk and even memory for dynamic conversion to PDF. It's feasible to also entry safe websites with basic authentication or utilizing integrated Windows NT authorization. Assistance for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is integrated, so delicate information might be accessed with peace of ideas.

Straightforward to Use
HTML to PDF Converter delivers flexible .Internet native and COM APIs, making integration together with your existing software as simple as being a single strategy speak to. With a couple of lines of code, you will be able to outline a URL, together with optional publish data or perhaps a query string, and HTML to PDF Converter will convert the input information from HTML to PDF inside seconds. Practically anything that your customers can watch within their web browsers could possibly be converted to PDF, independent of the server-side rendering language.

Assistance for Internet Specifications
VeryPDF HTML to PDF Converter will be the only server-side HTML-to-PDF converter that supports HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0, CSS (Cascading Fashion Sheets), Java applets as well as ActiveX controls. Convert sensitive data with self-assurance as SSL (Safe Sockets Layer) help permits secured internet websites to become accessed securely. Proxy server assistance may also be integrated, generating it feasible for you to entry information for conversion from behind your firewall.

The converter fully supports all HTML tags, including page break control with CSS styles. You can also add IE headers and footers (date, time, page count, etc.) to the output document. In addition, you can convert MHTML files to PDF files. If you have FLASH on your page, HTML to PDF Converter will create a screenshot of it when converting the page to another format. VeryPDF HTML to PDF Converter converts web pages as well. Enter the url and obtain the converted file in a matter of seconds.

You can insert following HTML code to HTML file, you will able to break long HTML file to multi-page PDF file, you can control page breaker point easily,
<style media='print'> .noprint { display: none }</style>
<style>br.page { page-break-before: always; line-height: 0px; }</style>
<br class="page">

You can run following command lines to batch convert your HTML files or URLs to PDF files, quickly enough,

Use Letter paper in portrait mode,
html2pdf.exe "http://www.verypdf.com" "C:\verypdf.pdf" "papertype=0"

Use Letter paper in landscape mode,
html2pdf.exe "http://www.verypdf.com" "C:\verypdf.pdf" "paperType=9,pageWidth=792,pageHeight=612"

Use A4 paper in portrait mode,
html2pdf.exe "http://www.verypdf.com" "C:\verypdf.pdf" "papertype=7"

Use A4 paper in landscape mode,
html2pdf.exe "http://www.verypdf.com" "C:\verypdf.pdf" "paperType=9,pageWidth=842,pageHeight=595"

Use A3 paper,
html2pdf.exe "http://www.verypdf.com" "C:\verypdf.pdf" "papertype=6"

Use A3 paper in landscape mode,
html2pdf.exe "http://www.verypdf.com" "C:\verypdf.pdf" "paperType=9,pageWidth=1190,pageHeight=842"

Use A1 paper,
html2pdf.exe "http://www.verypdf.com" "C:\verypdf.pdf" "paperType=9,pageWidth=1684,pageHeight=2384"

Use A2 paper,
html2pdf.exe "http://www.verypdf.com" "C:\verypdf.pdf" "paperType=9,pageWidth=1191,pageHeight=1684"

Use A3 paper,
html2pdf.exe "http://www.verypdf.com" "C:\verypdf.pdf" "paperType=9,pageWidth=842,pageHeight=1191"

Use A4 paper,
html2pdf.exe "http://www.verypdf.com" "C:\verypdf.pdf" "paperType=9,pageWidth=595,pageHeight=842"

You can select more paper types for "papertype" value,
Set page type, the value is from 0 to 9,
0 "Letter [8.5 x 11 in]",
1 "Legal [8.5 x 14 in]",
2 "Executive [7.25 x 10.5 in]",
3 "Ledger [355.6 x 215.9 mm]",
4 "Tabloid [11 x 17 in]",
5 "Screen [10 x 7.5 in]",
6 "A3 [297 x 420 mm]",
7 "A4 [210 x 297 mm]",
8 "A5 [148 x 210 mm]",

Set page header&footer for HTML to PDF conversion,
"html2pdf.exe" "www.yahoo.com" "C:\yahoo.pdf" "htmlHeaders=this is header,htmlFooters=this is footer"

Set values for page header&footer within HTML to PDF conversion,
"html2pdf.exe" "www.yahoo.com" "C:\yahoo.pdf" "htmlHeaders=&w&bPage &p/&P,htmlFooters=&u&b&d"

Set passwords for DOC, HTML, PPT, XLS, RTF, etc. document to PDF conversion,
"html2pdf.exe" "C:/Doc1.DOC" "C:/Doc1.pdf" "Encryption=2,EncryBits=16,Permission=0,UserPass=,OwnerPass=123"

Set page margin within conversion,
"html2pdf.exe" "http://www.yahoo.com" "C:/yahoo.pdf" "paperType=9,pageWidth=575,pageHeight=850,margin_left=10,margin_top=40,margin_right=10,margin_bottom=40"

Set username&password for encrypted site to PDF conversion,
html2pdf "http://www.xxxxxx.com/index.html" "C:/output.pdf" "postdata=Username=support@verypdf.com&Password=password"

Append "C:/test.txt" file to the end of "C:/output.pdf" file,
"html2pdf.exe" "C:/test.txt" "C:/output.pdf" "AutomaticValue=4,Overwrite=yes"
"html2pdf.exe" "C:/test.doc" "C:/output.pdf" "AutomaticValue=4,Overwrite=yes"
"html2pdf.exe" "C:/test.html" "C:/output.pdf" "AutomaticValue=4,Overwrite=yes"

Insert "C:/test.txt" file before the first page of "C:/output.pdf" file,
"html2pdf.exe" "C:/test.txt" "C:/output.pdf" "AutomaticValue=3,Overwrite=yes"
"html2pdf.exe" "C:/test.doc" "C:/output.pdf" "AutomaticValue=3,Overwrite=yes"
"html2pdf.exe" "C:/test.html" "C:/output.pdf" "AutomaticValue=3,Overwrite=yes"

Overwrite to an existing PDF file,
"html2pdf.exe" "C:/test.doc" "C:/output.pdf" "Overwrite=yes"

Convert a HTML file which contains Javascript, Java Applet, SVG, Flash or iFrame codes to PDF file,
(You need wait more than 10000 millisecond before convert such HTML files)
"html2pdf.exe" "C:/javascript_test.htm" "C:/output.pdf" "EnableSupportApplet=yes,DelayTimeForPrintApplet=10000"

Convert background color and images within html to pdf conversion,
"html2pdf.exe" "http://www.verypdf.com/pdfcamp/pdfcamp.htm" "C:/output.pdf" "PrintHTMLBackground=yes"
"html2pdf.exe" "http://www.verypdf.com/pdfcamp/pdfcamp.htm" "C:/output.pdf" "PrintHTMLBackground=no"

Show status bar within HTML to PDF conversion,
"html2pdf.exe" "http://www.verypdf.com/pdfcamp/pdfcamp.htm" "C:/output.pdf" "showStatusBar=on"
"html2pdf.exe" "http://www.verypdf.com/" "C:/output.pdf" "showStatusBar=on,wndleft=0,wndtop=0,wndwidth=1024,wndheight=768,overwrite=yes"

Deliver a command line to "doc2pdf_service.exe" Service Application,
(Please notice, you need make sure "doc2pdf_service.exe" is running before you run this command line)
"html2pdf.exe" "http://www.verypdf.com/pdfcamp/pdfcamp.htm" "C:/output.pdf" "AutomaticValue=4,Overwrite=yes,KillProcess=no,doc2pdf_service=yes"

Change paper orientation for PDFcamp Printer Driver,
Use A4 paper in PORTRAIT mode,
"html2pdf.exe" "http://www.verypdf.com" "C:/verypdf.pdf" "papertype=7,orientation=1"

Use A4 paper in LANDSCAPE mode,
"html2pdf.exe" "http://www.verypdf.com" "C:/verypdf.pdf" "papertype=7,orientation=2"

Use Letter paper in portrait mode,
"html2pdf.exe" "http://www.verypdf.com" "C:/verypdf.pdf" "papertype=0,orientation=1"

Use Letter paper in landscape mode,
"html2pdf.exe" "http://www.verypdf.com" "C:/verypdf.pdf" "papertype=0,orientation=2"

Print special sheets from XLS document to PDF file,
(You can specify the sheets's name with "ExcelSheets" parameter, you can use "|" symbol to convert several sheets into one PDF file.)
html2pdf.exe "C:\1.XLS" "C:\1.pdf" "ExcelSheets=Sheet1|Sheet2"

Convert sheet 1 and sheet 2 to PDF file (by index),
html2pdf.exe "C:\1.XLS" "C:\1.pdf" "ExcelSheets=1|2"

Print special sheet range from XLS document to PDF file,
html2pdf.exe "C:\1.XLS" "C:\1.pdf" "ExcelSheets=Sheet1,sheetrange=A1:C3"

Suppress error messages during conversion and copy the problem file to a special folder,
"html2pdf.exe" "http://www.verypdf.com" "C:/verypdf.pdf" "Overwrite=yes,silenterrors=1,copyerrfile=C:\"

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