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HTML to PDF Conversion - PDFcamp (PDF Writer) + DocConverter COM
HTML to PDF File Conversion - HTML Conversion Tool 

HTML to PDF Conversion Tool (consist of PDFcamp + DocConverter COM) will be the easiest strategy to convert your internet pages into PDF documents, HTML to PDF Conversion Instrument swiftly and precisely transforms well-formed HTML into PDF file, the HTML to PDF Conversion Device supports each server and consumer sides, the end-user doesn't will need any software (Adobe Acrobat and Reader NOT required).

HTML to PDF Conversion Tool (consist of PDFcamp + DocConverter COM) delivers you the versatility and pace you have to convert numerous HTML files into PDF format. What ever the cause, PDF files can be developed directly from MS Internet Explorer (or at qualifications) as well as emailed to a recipient/recipients simultaneously.

HTML to PDF Conversion has following features:
Able to add page headers, footers and web page numbers.
Able to alter paper orientation and dimension to accommodate HTML documents.
Supports nested tables.
HTML to PDF Conversion supports all components in HTML document, include asp, cgi, css, Java Applets, flash, cookie and so on.
Supports dynamic page breaks with headers and footers.
HTML to PDF Conversion supports convert a URL or neighborhood file to PDF file.
Able to convert .doc/.html/.rtf/.txt/.xls etc files to PDF files from a Command Line Instrument, this Device with out any consumer intervention.
HTML to PDF Conversion supports command line operation (for manual use or inclusion in scripts)
a lot of more features.

From these properties, the Header Footer behavior creates formatted HTML for a header and footer based on the specifications of the formatting strings. You can retrieve this HTML from the html Head and html Foot properties of the Header Footer behavior and place it in the pages ( DeviceRect) of your print template.
To format a custom header or footer, use the following codes to specify the information to be printed. The codes can be combined with text (for example, " Page &p of &P").

Desired Text Code
Window title &w
Page address (URL) &u
Date in short format (as specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel) &d
Date in long format (as specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel) &D
Time in the format specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel &t
Time in 24-hour format &T
Current page number &p
Total number of pages &P
Centered text (following &b) &b
Right-aligned text (following &b&b) &b&b
A single ampersand (&) &&

The conversion offered by the Header Footer behavior is one-way. That is, the Header Footer behavior converts formatting strings to HTML; it doesn't convert HTML to formatting strings. This element should occur only once in a printer template.

You can just remove the text in the textboxes completely in order to get rid of the headers and footers, or you can change the options to display page numbers at the bottom, or really any combination you want.

How convert a HTML file to PDF file with HTML to PDF Conversion Tool?
Step 1:
    Please download and install the PDFcamp (PDF Writer) software,
Step 2:
    Please download and register the DocConverter COM software,
    Please register the pdfout.dll file in your system, for example,
    regsvr32 pdfout.dll
Step 3:
    Please run the html2pdf.exe software from the Command Line Window to try, the html2pdf.exe software is included in the DocConverter COM package,
    For example:
    html2pdf.exe "http://www.yahoo.com" "c:\yahoo.pdf"
    html2pdf.exe "http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=pdf" "c:\google.pdf"
    html2pdf.exe "C:\example.doc" "C:\example.pdf"
    html2pdf.exe "C:\example.xls" "C:\example.pdf"
Step 4:
    Congratulations! You have converted HTML to PDF document now.

HTML to PDF Conversion Tool - Converting your HTML files to PDF has never been easier! Combine several of your HTML files into a single PDF file. Convert a HTML file into a PDF file, or convert ANY file format to PDF file! Now choose from more options when converting your HTML files to PDF! HTML to PDF Conversion Tool has the ability to add embedded fonts, security options, and more to your PDF output. Click here to learn more...

Please notice an important matter, DocConverter COM (pdfout.dll COM Library) is a 32bit COM, so you need run your ASP application in x86 compatible mode on 64bit platform, your ASP code will able to access the 32bit pdfout.dll COM properly. If your ASP application running with x64 mode, it can’t access to the 32bit pdfout.dll COM, please notice this matter.

We suggest you may by following steps to "Enable 32-bit Applications" for IIS service,

1. Create a new application pool for the helpdesk application.
2. In the new pool's advanced settings, set "Enable 32-bit Applications" to true.
3. Right-click the helpdesk application's virtual directory in IIS manager, make sure it has been converted to application. This makes it be a separate web application which is independent to the parent site.
4. In the virtual directory's Basic settings, change it to use the new application pool.

You can also change the settings to your original Application Pool, please go to the Application Pool tied to the web application, Advanced Properties... and setting "Enable 32-bit Applications" to True, then your ASP code can call 32bit pdfout.dll correctly.

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