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PDFcamp Printer Frequently Asked Questions

>Other Questions...

>9.How do I totally delete PDFcamp from my system, I used the add-remove programs control panel without success.

A: You may uninstall and reinstall several times, your problem will be resolved, if you still failed, please try following steps,

(1). Uninstall PDFcamp or PDFcamp Pro from start menu, maybe you'll encounter a problem, please ignore it,

(2). Select "Manage" menu item on "My computer" icon,

(3). Stop "Print Spooler" service from your "Computer Management",

(4). After you stopped the "Print Spooler" service, please logoff or restart your computer,

(5). After you re-login or restart your computer, please find the "pdfxp.dll", "pdfprn.dll", "pdfui.dll" files in your system directory, for example, D:\WinXP\system32 or C:\winnt\system32, if you found these files, please delete them,

(6). Then please restart your "Print Spooler" service from "Computer Management",

(7). This step will delete the PDFcamp Printer Port from your computer, you may skip this step,

(8). After you finished above steps, the PDFcamp will be totally removed from your computer, then you may install PDFcamp or PDFcamp Pro again.

If you still have problem, please contact us at support@verypdf.com.

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