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Text to PDF Converter - PDFcamp (PDF Writer)
Text to PDF File Conversion - Plain Text Conversion Tool 

Text to PDF, would you prefer to convert your Text files to searchable PDF files, or combine your Text paperwork right right into a single PDF file? PDFcamp (PDF Writer) is in fact a batch PDF Creator that convert RTF to PDF, DOC to PDF, html to PDF, text to PDF and XLS to PDF, you are able to convert a lot of Text document to PDF files when time! conserving your time!?

Text To PDF ( text2pdf ,txt2pdf ) may possibly be considered a plan to convert ASCII texts into PDF format acquiring a minimal lack of formatting particulars. It's help command line operation, batch convert, encryption, page orientation, font setting and so on.

Text to PDF offers you the versatility and pace you'll need to convert a number of Text files into PDF format. What ever the cause, PDF files might be created directly from Text and even emailed to a recipient/recipients concurrently. Believe of the time Text to PDF software program can preserve you changing from Text to PDF.

Text to PDF - Converting your Text files to PDF has in no way been much less complex! Combine several of your Text files appropriate into a single PDF file. Convert a Text file into a PDF file, or convert ANY file format to PDF file! Now select from more alternatives when converting your files to PDF! Text to PDF has the capability to incorporate embedded fonts, security choices, plus a whole lot more for your PDF output.

You can run following command line to convert your .txt file to PDF file in Letter paper size, Use Letter paper in portrait mode,

html2pdf.exe "C:\test.txt" "C:\out.pdf" "papertype=0"

Text to PDF Converter does convert text files to PDF files.

You can run following command lines to batch convert text files to PDF files,

#1: Convert all Text files to PDF files in D:\temp folder,

for %F in (D:\temp\*.txt) do "C:\VeryPDF\html2pdf.exe" "%F" "%~dpnF.pdf" "papertype=0"

#2: Convert all Text files to PDF files in D:\temp folder and sub-folders (recursion),

for /r D:\temp %F in (*.doc) do "C:\VeryPDF\html2pdf.exe" "%F" "%~dpnF.pdf" "papertype=0"

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