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XLS to PDF Converter - PDFcamp (PDF Writer)
MS Excel XLS to PDF File Conversion - MS Excel XLS Conversion Tool 

Would you prefer to convert your MS Excel XLS files to searchable PDF files, or merge more of your XLS documents into one single PDF file? Excel to PDF Converter can be a batch PDF Converter that convert Excel XLS document to PDF, it is possible to convert a lot of XLS document to PDF files at one time! saving your time and money!?

Excel to PDF Converter is totally prudent, very best, fairly priced and standalone Windows nice converter to rework Excel files to professional also as authentic PDF documents without any further software program system like Adobe Acrobat. Converter converts outstandingly single/multiple excel files or innumerable batches of excel paperwork to well-liked PDF file format by complying easiest and swift method of "mouse-clicking for 2 to 3 times" in person pleasant interface. Excel to PDF delivers an exceptionally versatile and premium remedy to convert complex or uncomplicated excel paperwork together with font embedding, a number of languages, many sheets, net web page orientations, numbers, breaks, graphics, charts, hyperlinks, remarks etc to universal, cost-effective and password guarded PDF document with uttermost preciseness, also sustains actual info and original excel document with out moment annihilation.

Excel to PDF Converter delivers you the versatility and velocity you'll want to convert numerous MS XLS files into pdf format. Whatever the reason, pdf files could be developed directly from MS XLS and even emailed to a recipient/recipients simultaneously. Believe with the time PDFcamp (PDF Author) can conserve you converting from XLS to PDF.

Excel to PDF Converter accomplishes job of changing Excel to PDF document. This Excel to PDF Converter software program supports MS Excel 2003/2007/2010, converting Excel workbook to PDF for studying with Adobe Reader. When converting spreadsheet to PDF file, a number of methods may possibly be taken with this specific Excel to PDF Converter. By changing xls or xlsx to PDF file, the info inside the PDF document could be guarded from opening or modification.

Excel to PDF Converter does work for version 2003/2007/2010, Excel workbook to PDF Converter converts xls and xlsx spreadsheet format to PDF document for reading with Adobe Reader. The converter is working as a virtual printer, so users can convert excel to pdf format by all printing ways like print button in right click menu.

You can run following command line to convert your Excel document to PDF file,

html2pdf.exe "C:\test.xls" "C:\out.pdf" "papertype=0"

Excel to PDF Converter

Excel to PDF Converter does support more sheets in Excel document, you can run following command line to convert more sheets or selected sheets to one PDF file,

Print special sheets from XLS document to PDF file, (You can specify the sheets's name with "ExcelSheets" parameter, you can use "|" symbol to convert several sheets into one PDF file.)

html2pdf.exe "C:\1.XLS" "C:\1.pdf" "ExcelSheets=Sheet1|Sheet2"

Convert sheet 1 and sheet 2 to PDF file (by index),

html2pdf.exe "C:\1.XLS" "C:\1.pdf" "ExcelSheets=1|2"

Print special sheet range from XLS document to PDF file,

html2pdf.exe "C:\1.XLS" "C:\1.pdf" "ExcelSheets=Sheet1,sheetrange=A1:C3"

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