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VeryPDF PDF Form Filler user manual

To fill out a PDF form:

1. Click "Open" from the "File" menu to open a PDF file,
2. Fill the data into PDF form file,
3. Once you have filled in the appropriate form fields, click the "Save to Disk" button to save changes, or click the "Save As..." button to save the form with the data to a new PDF file.

* If you are using Adobe Reader, you may see the following message. Just select "Do not show this message again." and ignore it.

* If you open a PDF form without interactive form fields, no Save button appears on the pages.

1. Overview

VeryPDF Form Filler enables you to fill out interactive PDF forms without the need for Adobe Acrobat. PDF Form Filler can be used to save interactive Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) electronic forms to your computer to fill in and print at your convenience, send the completed forms via e-mail, and apply 128-bit encryption or password protection to your PDF documents.

You can fill PDF forms with any field type; fill in text, make choice, select items, answer yes or no etc. Filled PDF forms can be saved or saved as a new PDF file.

Fill-in and save interactive PDF forms to your computer for easy archiving, E-mailing or later printing. Allows you to fill and edit Text, Check Box, Radio Button, Combo Box and List Box fields. You can also import/export form data into FDF (Forms Data Format) file format.

With Adobe Reader, if the file is an interactive form, you may enter data on the form and print the form with the data, but the PDF file can not be saved locally. But now with VeryPDF Form Filler you can fill the data into PDF file and save or save to a new PDF file easily.

Note: Forms that are not created as interactive PDF forms cannot be filled in using VeryPDF Form Filler, but you can use VeryPDF PDF Editor to add text into such PDF files.

2. Key features of VeryPDF Form Filler

bullet Do not require full version of Adobe Acrobat.
bullet Fill out interactive PDF forms.
bullet Fill PDF forms with any field type (Text, Check Box, Radio Button, Combo Box and List Box fields), Make multiple choice, Select items, Answer yes or no.
bullet Filled PDF forms can be saved or saved as a new PDF file
bullet Save the data that you enter into a PDF form, fill it in offline, and later print or submit your form.
Note: If your PDF form does not have interactive form fields on it, you will need VeryPDF PDF Editor to add the text into your PDF pages.
bullet Send a completed PDF form or just the form data (FDF) as an e-mail attachment.
bullet Export form data to a separate FDF file.
bullet Import form data from a FDF file.
bullet Flatten PDF form to stamp content directly into the PDF document (convert form field entries to standard text content).
bullet Add security (40-bit & 128-bit) to your PDF documents to prevent anyone from changing it or altering the information.
bullet Fill the form data into owner password protected PDF files directly.

3. Registration Dialog of PDF Form Filler

VeryPDF Form Filler is a shareware; the trail version of VeryPDF Form Filler will add a demo watermark into filled PDF file, if you wish remove this demo watermark, you need purchase it. 

4. Main interface of PDF Form Filler

Reset: Clear the currently opened form.
Save As: Save the form with the data to a new file.
Save to Disk: Save the changes to original PDF file.
Email Form: Email FDF file in your default email client application.
Email PDF: Email PDF file with filled form data in your default email client application.
Print Form: Print PDF file with filled form data to printer.
Export Data: Save filled form data to a new FDF file.

5. Menu items of PDF Form Filler

Open: Open a PDF Form file for filling.
Close: Close current opened PDF file.
Email PDF Document: Email PDF file with filled form data in your default email client application.
Email FDF Data: Email FDF file in your default email client application.
Import Form Data: Import a FDF file into current PDF file.
Export Form Data: Export to a FDF file from current PDF file.
Flatten Forms: With VeryPDF Form Filler you can flatten a form, that is, change active form fields into a static area that is part of the PDF document, just like the other text in the document. A flattened PDF form becomes a "normal" PDF document (with just text and/or images ?no form fields).
Document Security: You can limit access to your PDF files by giving the files passwords and restricting certain features such as printing and editing.

Enable Save Warnings: The form files are not saved automatically. By default, VeryPDF Form Filler displays a warning message to remind the user to save the changes before exiting, closing, sending E-mail, exporting data, flattening or adding security. However, you can disable this prompt message box by this option.
Refresh: Reload current PDF file.

. Technical Support

If you have any technical questions, suggests, bug reports, please contact us at http://support.verypdf.com/