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PDF Info Changer - Advanced PDF Tools
Change Creator, Producer, Dates, Author, Title, Subject & Keywords
Resize, rotate PDF pages, set page margin
Set open actions, compress PDF files

PDF Info Changer can be a utility for studying and altering the PDF file properties/metadata information, including writer, title, subject, keywords, etc. A command line version is also obtainable to enable you to get in touch with inside your system or script. It really is a standalone application. No other plan (e.g. Adobe Acrobat) necessary.

PDF Info Changer enables you to alter the main file information of the PDF item without having altering its material. The system has an incredibly basic layout and produces powerful results. PDF Info Changer is simple product, you can just add a PDF file to file list, set the new information, click "Change" button, then you can change the information in your PDF file quickly. PDF Information Changer was basic and effective at each and every stage with the way.

PDF Info Changer Screenshot

Now, we can see new information in the Adobe Acrobat,

PDF Info Changer can be used easily, just click following URL to download the trial version to try by yourself,

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