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PDF Bates Number Software
Add Bates Number, Bates numbering, Page numbering, Bates stamping to your PDF Documents by PDF Bates Number Software
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Bates numbering (also recognized as Bates stamping, Bates branding, Bates coding or Bates labeling) is employed inside the legal, medical, and business fields to location identifying figures and/or date/time-marks on images and paperwork as they're scanned or processed (for example, in the course of the discovery stage of preparations for trial or identifying organization receipts). Bates stamping could be utilized to mark and determine pictures with copyrights by placing a company name, logo and/or legal copyright on them. This method provides identification, protection, and auto-increment numbering from the images.

In automated litigation, Bates Number is a unique serial number attached every page of a document collected. Bates numbers are usually affixed electronically to a document image.

PDF Stamp Tool to Bates Numbering in PDF Paperwork

Bates stamping which can be referenced by diverse names for example: Bates coding, Bates branding will be the straight numbering method to label or location identifying numbers, dates, instances, texts, notes, images on authorized or legal paperwork as they are want to processed. If you are a legal specialists, consumers, lawyers or business reps & wants to represent your concerns in legal way with adding some texts, notes, comments, dates, occasions etc in your PDF files then manually stamping is the very hard works and time wasting. In that situations you want a professional PDF bates instrument to stamp your multiple PDF files at a time with legal numbers or other criteria. VeryPDF PDF Bates Number will be the one of that kind who will stamp your multiple PDF files with legal numbers and your own texts, dates, occasions & so on.

VeryPDF PDF Bates Number software will be the excellent PDF Stamp Tool and enables batch PDF stamping so users can easily & quickly stamp their multiple PDF file at a times and save their occasions and efforts. PDF stamp device is widely used by legal professionals, medicals and business fields, litigation services provider, attorneys, advocates and other all users who wants to bates their PDF paperwork in legal numbering.

PDF Bates Number software has following features:

Include Bates numbering and page numbering.
Include text stamps as headers and footers.
Include image stamps like Accredited, Draft and Inner Only.
Import PDF as vector-based stamps. (this feature is included in PDF Stamp SDK version only)
Underlay business logos like a watermark.
Change or mask places in the page by overlaying stamps.

See screenshot of PDF Bates Number software,

Screnshot of PDF Bates Number software

You can also use PDF Bates Number Command Line software to add Bates numbering to your PDF pages, for example,

//%text stamp%
//%page header and page footer%
//%Stamps are placed in the duplicate file, leaving the original copy unchanged%
//%Bates Numbers%

pdfstamp -PDF "example.pdf" -o "bates-numbers.pdf" -AT "Bates Numbers \B(0000105)" -p3 -mlr-30 -mtb30 -fs10 -fn300 -c#FF0000

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