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VeryPDF PDF Stamper - PDF Stamp software
Insert text, dynamic text, Bates numbering, watermarks, headers and footers with VeryPDF PDF Stamper software
Adding watermarks (Text, numbers, graphics, stamps) to PDFs
Stamp PDF, text and image stamps, watermarks to batches of PDFs
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VeryPDF PDF Stamper is surely an superior product that permits you to stamp material right into a PDF document. Besides pictures, texts and graphics, VeryPDF PDF Stamper is able to include hyperlinks and notes. These processes might be realized inside a determined number of pages with exact control over the size and position, the stamped text and/or images grow to be a long term part of every single PDF document. There's no limit to the quantity of stamps you can apply to a single document and no restrict for the amount of paperwork you can stamp, As special function you'll be able to integrate VeryPDF PDF Stamper into yourself applications (Consist of consumer facet and Server aspect apps).

VeryPDF PDF Stamper lets you stamp watermarks such as "Confidential" on pages that consist of sensitive details or "Draft" on the preliminary PDF document to become distributed for critique. You'll be able to stamp PDF document names, revision figures, Date/Time stamps, pages figures, get in touch with data or any text that you want additional towards the file. VeryPDF PDF Stamper computer software can be a standalone system and doesn't require Adobe Acrobat, and even Acrobat Reader. VeryPDF PDF Stamper can be a batch VeryPDF PDF Stamper software program which you can stamp a whole lot of PDF files as soon as time! conserving your time!?

VeryPDF PDF Stamper Highlight Features:

bullet VeryPDF PDF Stamper is easy to use,
bullet Stamp PDF files with images
bullet Support JPG, TIFF, transparent GIF and PNG
bullet Stamp text on PDF
bullet Support customization of Stamp position, font size and color
bullet Support TrueType fonts
bullet Standalone, doesn't depend on Adobe Acrobat or Reader
bullet Support batch text stamps
bullet PDF Stamper is able to fill fillable PDF forms, the fillable PDF file is contain active forms.
bullet PDF Stamper is able to flatten fillable PDF file
bullet Provide demos in ASP, ColdFusion, VB, VB Script, Delphi, VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net.
bullet More demos in other languages on request

Steps to use the PDF Stamper software,
1. Click "PDF File List" tab, add a PDF file first,
2. Enter "Text Stamp" and click "Add" button,
3. Set some options for "Text Stamp",
4. Switch to "PDF File List" tab, and click "Stamping" button to stamp it,
5. OK.

Use the PDF Stamper software

PDF Stamper Command Line does support batch stamping, you may by following steps to try,

1. Please use following command line to get all of your PDF files first,

dir E:\pdfs\test\*.pdf /s/b > C:\file.bat

2. Please manual edit or replace text lines in C:\file.bat file, for example,
pdfstamp -PDF e:\pdfs\test\001.pdf -o e:\pdfs\test\_001.pdf -SR -s1 -e1 -AT "This report is completed" -p2 -fs8
pdfstamp -PDF e:\pdfs\test\002.pdf -o e:\pdfs\test\_002.pdf -SR -s1 -e1 -AT "This report is completed" -p2 -fs8
pdfstamp -PDF e:\pdfs\test\003.pdf -o e:\pdfs\test\_003.pdf -SR -s1 -e1 -AT "This report is completed" -p2 -fs8
pdfstamp -PDF e:\pdfs\test\004.pdf -o e:\pdfs\test\_004.pdf -SR -s1 -e1 -AT "This report is completed" -p2 -fs8
3. You can run the C:\file.bat file to do the batch stamping.

This professional VeryPDF PDF Stamper version is able to assists you protect PDF files. You are able to include a coloration transparent visible watermark to your PDF files. The watermark could be your copyright or even the URL of one's site or your logo, Click here to learn more...

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