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PBM to Vector Converter

PBM to Vector Converter can be used to convert PBM to vector image. It supports to control the image resolution and page size for the output vector image file. With PBM to Vector Converter, you can realize the conversion from PBM to vector in a short time.

The application is free for evaluation. You can download the trial version of the application via clicking here. If you need the full version of the application, please buy a single-user personal license for it after the evaluation. Single-user commercial license, multi-user personal license, multi-user commercial license can also be purchased here.


The user interface (UI) of PBM to Vector Converter is presented in Figure1. The image file listed in the file list is the image which needs to be converted. You can use the “Open” button on the left to add the PBM files into the table. To delete or remove some PBM file, you can click “Remove” button. “Remove All” button is used to remove all the files from the file list. In the “Output Folder” text box, you should choose the output directory for the target vector image file. You can also input the directory yourself. In “Preview” frame on the right of the file list, you can see the thumbnail of the file in the list.


UI of PBM to Vector Converter
Figure 1


Please click on "Option" button now and you will see a dialog box named as "Option". Please see it in Figure2.


'Option' dialog box
Figure 2


In "Output Format" combo box, please choose the output format you need from all the supported formats. You can set the page size for the target file in "Pagesize" group box. To rotate the PBM image when convert it to vector image, please input the rotation degree for the conversion in "Rotate" group box. PBM to Vector Converter also enables you to set the resolution for the target file from 0 to 999 dpi. If you want to suppress the speckle of the original PBM image in the conversion, please set the value which can control the speckle size to be erased. If you want to set all the parameters once more, please click the "Reset All" button, which means all the parameters will come to the default ones. If everything has been done, please click "OK" button and then click the "Convert" button in the UI of PBM to Vector Converter for running the conversion.


Feature of PBM to Vector Converter


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