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Raster to DXF Vector Converter

Raster to DXF Vector Converter is a useful tool to convert raster images to DXF. The whole process of the conversion will be not too long because it is easy enough.

The application is free to evaluate and you can download it via clicking here. If you need the full function version of the application, please buy a single-user personal license for it. For different purposes, you can buy single-user commercial license by clicking here, the multi-user personal license here, multi-user commercial license here or the site license here.

The main interface of Raster to DXF Vector Converter is presented in Figure1. You can see that there is a file list on the left of the window. To add raster image files, you can click the button “Open”. If some raster image file doesn’t need to be converted, you can remove it from the list by clicking on “Remove” button. “Remove All” button is used to remove all the files. In “Output Folder” text box, you are able to input or choose the output location.


main interface of Raster to DXF Vector Converter
Figure 1


Then please click “Options” button, which can open “Option” dialog box showed in Figure2.


'Option' dialog box
Figure 2


Just choose "dxf" as the output format in "Output Format" combo box. If you need to set the size for the target file, please input the width and height values in "Width" and "Height" spin boxes with a suitable unit which is given as "in", "pt" or "cm". If you need to set the page margin, there are two kinds for your choice. One is to set a same page margin for four edges in "Margin" spin box. The other one is to set four different margins respectively in four spin boxes in the bottom of the dialog box. But before that, you should check "Use the margin detail" option. In "Option" dialog box, you can also set the image resolution, line color, fill color for the target file. If you need to set all the parameters newly, please click the "Reset All" button. Or you should click the "OK" button to continue the work. In the interface of Raster to DXF Vector Converter, you just need to click the "Convert" for running the conversion from raster to DXF format image and several seconds later; you will be able get the target file.


Feature of Raster to DXF Vector Converter


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