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BMP to PDF Converter - BMP to PDF
BMP to PDF Conversion - Convert BMP to PDF file (bmp2pdf, bmptopdf)

What's BMP?

BMP is a graphics format utilized generally as a simple graphics file format on Microsoft Windows platform. Often it is known as DIB or Bitmap which stands for device-independent bitmap. BMP files aren't utilized for transferring pictures online or other sluggish or capacity-limited media simply because they are also big rather than normally compressed image format. For instance an 800x600 picture occupies nearly 1.5MB. Nevertheless this format it really common as a result of its simplicity and prevalent familiarity in MS Windows. In addition to it is free of charge of patents and well-documented.

If you would like to convert BMP files to PDF format. Please use our BMP to PDF Converter product, our BMP to PDF Converter does support batch conversion, it can batch convert BMP images in batch and provides a lot of helpful options.

BMP to PDF Converter does support command line operation, you can run following command line to convert BMP to PDF file from command line,

img2pdf -o out.pdf input.bmp

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