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JPG to PDF Converter - JPG to PDF
JPG to PDF Conversion - Convert JPG to PDF file (jpg2pdf, jpgtopdf)

JPG to PDF conversion is straightforward but you'll will need a better JPG to PDF Converter tools software. JPG to PDF Converter tool instantly converts JPG files into PDF documents. JPG to PDF software program is a stand-alone application and doesn't require Adobe Acrobat and free Adobe Reader. JPG to PDF is an actually PDF converter that you can batch convert lots of JPG files to PDF file on the fly, this will saving your effort and time!

You can also call JPG to PDF Converter from a web service to convert JPG files to PDF files, sometimes, you need run JPG to PDF Converter inside an interactive user account instead of system user account, please by following steps to run JPG to PDF Converter from an interactive user account,

1. Please add "Everyone" user account to the folder of img2pdf.exe, give "Full Control" permission to "Everyone" user account,

2. Download CmdAsUser.exe from following page,

You can also download it from following URL directly,

3. Run following command line to test CmdAsUser.exe application,

C:\htmltools\CmdAsUser.exe Administrator . /p password /c C:\test\img2pdf.exe -o C:\test\out.pdf C:\test\test.jpg

If you can run above command line in Command Line Window correctly, please call above command line from PHP by shell_exec() function or other web applications, then you will get it work properly.

Please notice, you need modify "Administrator" and "password" parameters in above command line, CmdAsUser.exe will launch img2pdf.exe from an interactive user account with administrator privilege.

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