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PCX to PDF Conversion - Convert PCX to PDF file (PCX2pdf, PCXtopdf)

What is PCX?

PCX was originally developed by ZSOFT for its Computer Paintbrush system, PCX is a graphics file format for graphics applications running on PCs. It's supported by most optical scanners, fax programs, and desktop publishing systems. Files in the PCX format finish having a ".pcx" extension.

PCX is certainly a picture file format that use run-length encoding. It is lossless. The ZSoft Corporation developed it simply because the native file format for their Personal computer Paintbrush graphics system, which employed to turn out to be fairly frequent with early PCs' consumers. PCX format has been mostly altered by GIF, JPEG and PNG which assistance far greater compression.

PC Paintbrush pictures, also called Z-Soft bitmaps, store a single raster image at any color depth. Paintbrush pictures are used more commonly in older Windows programs and MS-DOS. They are compatible with many subsequent programs. Images PCX support internal compression RLE (Run Length Encoded).

The following are the Advantages:

PCX is a standard format common to many Windows programs and MS-DOS.
PCX format is support internal compression.

The following is the disadvantage of it:

The PCX format is not supported by web browsers.

You can run following command line to convert a PCX file to PDF file,

img2pdf -o out.pdf input.pcx

PCX to PDF Converter is able to immediately converts PCX files into PDF documents. PCX to PDF software program is really a standalone software and doesn't require for Adobe Acrobat, or even Acrobat Reader. PCX to PDF Converter can be used to batch convert lots of PCX files to PDF files at one time, save your money!

Also, PCX to PDF Converter is able to merge multiple directories and files into one single PDF file, you can just run following command line to combine lots of PCX files into one PDF file,

img2pdf.exe -o F:\output.pdf F:\inputdir\*.pcx

above command line will skip the damaged PCX files automatically during conversion.

PCX to PDF does support PDF encryption, it can process your PDF files with 64bit and 128bit encryption. It can set file permissions to restrict printing, copying, and future modifications to the PDF document. You can set any resolution in the output PDF file, the resolution will impact to the PDF paper size.

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