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High Compression PDF Conversion - (Image2PDF)
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VeryPDF Image2PDF OCR Product has high compression PDF conversion function to compress the size of full-color document files, which contain large volumes of data, down to a size at which they can be easily handled over networks.

Our high-compression PDF conversion technology, which maintains the text quality of color documents in compressed files the size of those for monochrome documents, was made possible by image analysis and compression technologies based on our innovative document analysis technology. With conventional JPEG compression, an A4-size color document filled with text and photos, scanned at 150-dpi resolution, would create a file around 2MB in size. However, using our high-compression PDF conversion technology, the file is compressed to about one-tenth this size without compromising image quality.

To achieve this, scanned images are first converted into multiple layers for elements such as text, backgrounds and other graphics. Optimized compression methods are used for each layer, and the multilayer function of the PDF format is then used to re-integrate the layers. With conventional PDF compression, reduction of overall resolution usually means visual deterioration of the text component. Using VeryPDF Company's advanced document analysis technology, however, the files size of the overall document can be reduced without lowering the quality of the text portion and its color. The text quality is high enough to allow easy adding of character codes using optical character recognition (OCR). This technology is ideal for use in offices, where the text portions of documents are most important.

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