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JPEG2000 Searchable PDF Creation - (Image2PDF)
Create JPEG2000 Searchable PDF document archives

JPEG2000 Image Conversion and Viewers

Image2PDF OCR SDK for Windows and .NET enables developers to work with JPEG2000 (JP2K or JP2) for 24-bit color and 8-bit grayscale images.
Our Image2PDF OCR SDK allows you to build viewing, conversion and lots of expert imaging functions securely into your custom applications to support JPEG2000 files.
Image2PDF OCR Product, our batch conversion application, provides you the capability to perform rapid batch conversion right from your desktop or server. The easy-to-use interface will enable you to quickly convert all your JPEG2000 files to formats suitable for viewing or storage.

What is JPEG2000 Compression?

JPEG2000’s wavelet-based compression significantly reduces the amount of memory needed to archive detailed grayscale and color images. JPEG2000 achieves greater compression with superior image quality compared to all existing standard encoding techniques for these types of images. This makes it an ideal format for storing photographs, pre-press artwork, detailed color and grayscale scanned documents, and other large, high-quality images. The higher-quality, smaller files generated by JPEG2000, compared to standard JPEG files, may require greater compression and decompression times.

Note: JPEG2000 read/write functionality is an added cost option for all of VeryPDF’s products.

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