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TIFF to PDF Converter - TIFF to PDF
TIFF to PDF Conversion - Convert TIFF to PDF file (tiff2pdf, tifftopdf)

What is TIFF?

TIFF Image File Format Description. TIFF (Tag Image File Format) is a widely supported open file specification, originally created by Aldus (acquired by Adobe). It can be a raster-based format generally utilized for images that arrive from optical scanners, graphics/photo editing apps, and so on. TIFF files can span numerous pages, include a number of distinct raster format "encodings" (ways to represent pixels dots with compression) and contain metadata tags, for example the origin from the pictures and creation date. The most common TIFF encoding is CCITT G4, that is utilized to represent monochrome (black and white) scans of images like paperwork, checks and blueprints. Other file encodings are color images for photographs, images of charts, graphical renderings, and so on.

TIFF is definitely an abbreviation for Tagged Picture File Format. It's a raster file format for digital pictures. TIFF includes so called 'tags' which both indicate the easy geometry from the image, like its size, or define how the data is arranged and a variety of image compression possibilities. This feature is enable you to include all kinds of image formats in one file.

A TIFF file is surely an image file that scanned from scanner. It really is the default format for all scans. All offices have to scan papers and files, with all the finish end result becoming numerous TIFF files. However, the best choice of file format for store is PDF. You can use our TIFF to PDF Converter to convert scanned TIFF files to PDF file in one step. You can store the PDF files and share the PDF files in network easily.

You can batch convert your TIFF files to PDF files, after you added your TIFF files to TIFF to PDF Converter product, you will able to get PDF files on the fly, you can create a single PDF file all of your TIFF files or one PDF file per TIFF file, it is depend on your choice.

TIFF to PDF Converter

TIFF to PDF Converter able to convert Fax TIFF (ClassF) files to PDF files. ClassF TIFF file has different resolution values in X and Y resolution, e.g.,

XResolution = 204 (inches). RATIONAL. The horizontal resolution of the image expressed in pixels per resolution unit.

YResolution = 98, 196 (inches). RATIONAL. The vertical resolution of the image expressed in pixels per resolution unit.

TIFF to PDF Converter is able to retrieve X Resolution and Y Resolution from input TIFF file and set them to PDF file properly, it will keep the X/Y scale ratio in output PDF file. As you see the following information of a TIFF file, the resolution is 204x196, it is a Fax TIFF file, our TIFF to PDF Converter is able to convert this TIFF file to PDF file without any problem,

Convert Fax TIFF (ClassF) files to PDF files

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