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Split multipage TIFF image to separate TIFF image pages

The application TIFF Toolkit has many functions such as splitting multipage TIFF image files to separated pages, compressing TIFF image files to reduced sizes, which is helpful when storing, browsing or transferring these files. This application can also merge multiple TIFF image files to a combined one.

Please see Figure1, it is the window form of TIFF Toolkit.


Window form of TIFF Toolkit
Figure 1

Please see the function buttons on the top of the window form. You are able to browse each page thumbnail in the side bar on the left when clicking the added file in the file list on the right. TIFF Toolkit also supports to zoom in or out the thumbnails according to your needs. Some image effects are allowed for your better browse the listed TIFF files such as rotating, reversing and so on.

Then please see the buttons below. To add TIFF image files, please click "Add File (s)" button or drag the files into the file list together. You can also right click the mouse in the file list and click "Add Files" option. The buttons "Remove" and "Remove All" are used to delete the image file from the list one by one or at a time. When clicking on the "Options" button, you will see the "Setting" dialog box in which you can create a new folder for output files in "Name" edit box. You can also choose a suitable option in "Compression Method" combo box if you need to compress the image files to smaller sizes, which is related to the next "Compress" button. You can use the "Merge All" button to combine many TIFF image files into a single TIFF file with many pages. You can also use "Split All" button to separate the multipage TIFF file to separated ones.

For splitting one multipage TIFF image to many single pages, you should do as follows. Please add the image file into the file list by clicking on "Add File (s)" button or drag the file into the list. Via the slide bar on the left, we can see there are four pages in this file. Then please click "Split All" button. The popup "Browse for Folder" dialog box will remind you to choose a directory for newly created TIFF image files. After that, please click "OK" button. You can see there is a green progress bar appears at the bottom of the Window form of TIFF Toolkit, which shows the running progress of the application and the progress bar will be empty again when the process is over. Please see Figure2.


Running process
Figure 2


In the folder of the created TIFF image files, you can see there are four single-page TIFF files. Please see the running result in Figure3.


Running result
Figure 3
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