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Ps2txt command line

Hi I have downloaded your trial version which looks as though it works on our .ps files running it from a command line. I have about 20 files I want to convert to text, preferably in a batch job, how … Continue reading

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PDFPrint return code or error code

Does your PDFPrint application work with 64-bit Windows 2008 (R1)? Regards, ===================================== Yes, our PDFPrint Command Line product does support 64-bit Windows 2008 (R1) system, that's no problem. VeryPDF ====================================== Hi, I am trying to run the pdfprint.exe command from … Continue reading

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Need product features info please, XPS to PDF Converter

I am preparing to download trial packages as we enter into the implementation phase of development.  I have one more question about conversion from XPS -> PDF, please... We will need to produce PDF files with embedded movies (multi-frame GIF). … Continue reading

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Converting Word Doc File to PDF Issue...

Here is another issue...   When I make a call to the doc2any.exe to convert a doc file, it leaves an instance of Winword open in memory.   Function Doc2AnyDOCtoPS(strFileIn As String, strFileOut As String)   Dim shell As Object … Continue reading

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PDFStamp SDK server version

I'd like to be able to have our clients annotate a jpg. For example, easily number a jpg file with numbers 1 through 9 and then write a note about each one of those points. We want them to come … Continue reading

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