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How do you run a command line application?

Prior to Windows, there was a MSDOS, MSDOS is a basic operating system exactly where you are able to manage programs and information files. In order to access the MSDOS command prompt window on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2008/Vista/7/etc., please go to "start" … Continue reading

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Is PDF Parser SDK render the wrong PDF page number?

Hi, We have encountered a bug in the PDF Parser DLL which was shipped. Error Description: VeryPDF_PDFParserSDK_GetHandle functions accepts parameter f and l where you can specify the first and the last page range of the report. VeryPDF returns handle … Continue reading

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pptconv problems

We are having trouble with your pptconv product. I am using pptconv with MS Office 2007 on a Windows 2008 (64-bit) system. The attached PPT file, when converted with the following command: pptconv -unicode pics-1.ppt  pics-1.pdf ... has two problems: … Continue reading

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Download doc2print installer

Hi there, I rebuilt my machine and want to re-install the doc2print driver which I have an application integrated with (my application converts documents to image). But I cannot download the driver from your website. Below is the error I … Continue reading

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PCLTool in a command line fails for .txt file name

When I try to use the command line to convert the attached file, I get the following messages and it doesn't create a PDF file: C:\Users\Administrator>"C:\Program Files (x86)\VeryPDF PCL Converter v2.0\pcltoo l.exe" \compu\DATA1\%2.TXT \compu\DATA1\AAAA.PDF VeryPDF.com Inc: 49 Conversion time = … Continue reading

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